Monday, April 8, 2013

Sister Hudson week 5

This week went by so fast! Sister Kurtz and I have been keeping super busy and I believe our hard work is paying off. We accomplished almost all of our goals and we are striving to do even better this week. We have found a couple new investigators, but we still haven't been able to get our investigators to attend church, even when they committed to be there. We are working hard to help them see how important attending church is. 
There is one experience I want to share with you. There is a Sister in the ward here that has been inactive for awhile. Her husband and four kids are not members of the Church. She recently had lower back surgery and is struggling with her recovery. She wants to recover much sooner than normal, but that isn't happening. She is a very independent person and she hates having people take care of her. Anyway, I shared parts of my story about my car accident and about the things I struggled with. I feel like it really helped her because she changed her perspective. I am so grateful that I was able to give her words of comfort because I know how badly she needed them.
I know I keep bragging about how incredible the ward members are here, but I will do it again! I am continually amazed at how much they give to help the missionaries. When I get home, one of the first things I will do is contact the missionaries and ask them if I can go visit investigators with them! I have seen how important it is for members to give referrals and then to work with the missionaries to teach investigators. There are very few members here in Rockingham County, but there is so much support!
There are a couple ward members here that started a tradition in the county. They call it a Day of Service, but it lasts for about a month. This is an annual thing they started 3 years ago. They do a food drive and a blood drive and the entire county is invited to participate. Several businesses, neighborhoods, etc participate. Anyway, yesterday was the Kick-off to start the "Day of Service." There were several people there from other churches, there was a mayor, two people from the Salvation Army, etc, and then there were a few people from the ward. Oh and Sister Kurtz and I were there too. Anyway, it was so touching to hear one of the Mayor's get up and talk about how much he appreciated the efforts of everyone involved. He said that when he visited the Bishop Storehouse in Greensboro, he was astounded by how much the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gives to people. When he was talking to one of the workers there, the worker told him, "It doesn't matter what you believe. We are ALL children of God." I felt like it was a great opportunity for people in the community to see that the Church is not evil and the negative things that they may have read or heard about the Church are not true.
I want to encourage you to work a little harder to fellowship members of the ward that may be inactive or may need a friend. I have met way too many people that stopped attending church, but may still be if they felt more loved by the ward members. It is SO sad to be meet people that have been missing out on the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 10, 20, 30, and even 40+ years. They often forget what those blessings are and just get comfortable living the lives they live. Anyway, I know you all are busy, because everyone is, but please try a little harder to do that. :)  Haha, I'm telling you, I think the people here are happier because they have so many friends! Most people know all their neighbors and spend time with a lot of them.
Okay, I need to get going, but I love you all and I am so grateful for all the emails I received this week! I love to hear how your families are doing, so please keep me updated! 
I know that I am right where I need to be! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! I know that Jesus Christ truly did suffer for all of our sins along with our infirmities, pains, sorrow, etc. He understands everything that we go through. I know that He was resurrected and because of that, I know that we too will be resurrected. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I love it! I have been able to spend so much time studying it and I love it more every day! God is real, He loves us, He has a plan for us.
Okay everyone, have a wonderful day!
Love, Sister Hudson

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